Michaela Anderson


Ottawa, Canada


200-Hr YTT Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Certified Coach Practitioner
Certified Executive Coach
Certified Life Coach
Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
NCCP Trained Swimming Coach


I'm a proud military wife, mother, CrossFit L2 Trainer, and psychology student (MA Psychology & Counselling). My passion is helping entrepreneurs, athletes, and driven individuals overcome doubt and fear to take action and achieve goals. My strengths are creative problem solving, strategic planning, and helping others overcome limiting thought and behavioural patterns. 

I'm a former athlete and creative free spirit with a passion for goal setting and planning. Growing up, I always had a coach to look up to, whether it was to seek guidance, find rescues, or just for some good old moral support. When I retired from competition, I struggled to find my passion and place, so I tried on a bunch of different jobs, including a make-up artist, yoga teacher, personal trainer, and paralegal. In every role I found myself coaching, whether it was communication, planning career changes, finding life balance, or improving relationships, my coaching followed me wherever I went. 

I still enjoy trying on different hats outside of my coaching practice, including writer, baker, party planner, website designer, and my newest endeavour, being a mom. Maybe it's the free spirit in me, or maybe its because I'm surrounded by inspiring people who are doing amazing things every day. If I'm not cuddling my little girl, writing my blog, working out, or baking treats for my family and friends, I'm helping incredible athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs achieve their personal and professional goals. ​

My goals are simple: create a space for personal development and growth to help others achieve personal and professional goals. There is nothing I love more than sitting down with amazing people and scheming incredible plans to create the life of their dreams. Athletes are not the only ones who need and love coaches because coaching isn't just about winning championships. Coaching is about guiding and supporting those around you to take action and achieve goals. 

High-Performance Life Coach, Blogger, Educator, Student, and Most Importantly Mom.

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